Dr. Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D.
Dr. Michael F. Holick

Original Journal Articles

In this section you will find a small selection of Dr. Holick’s recent journal articles.  These articles are made available through the generosity of their respective publishers and are not intended for redistribution.  Please click on the title to access the article.

Holick MF, Lim R, Dighe AS.  Case 3-2009 — A 9-month-old-boy with Seizures. N Engl J Med. 2009 Jan 22;360(4):398-407.

Holick, MF. Vitamin D Deficiency.  New England Journal of Medicine 2007;357(3):266-81.

Holick, MF.  Resurrection of Vitamin D Deficiency and Rickets.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 2006;116(8):2062-2072.

Holick, MF.  High Prevalence of Vitamin D Inadequacy and Implications for Health.  Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2006 Mar;81(3):353-73.